Bunzlau Castle

In the early 1800s, skilled artisans began producing brown glazed pottery adorned with delicate white patterns. The craftsmanship of this small town in Poland saw Bunzlau Castle pottery rise to international distinction. Popular among royal courts and throughout Europe, this pottery became more refined as the years progressed. Gradually, new and more colorful patterns were painted onto crisp white backgrounds and the demand for Bunzlau Castle pottery increased. 

This demand for Bunzlau Castle ceramics remains high and with many iconic designs, the collection includes various forms, shapes, patterns and colors in modern and classic styles. Carefully molded into shape, each individual piece is then painted with fine brushes. After the second glazing, the pottery is fired at 1300°C to produce strong, hardwearing products. Dishwasher proof, oven and microwave safe, Bunzlau Castle products are only decorated with ecological paints and glazes. Adverse to cracking or chipping, this durable earthenware comes in a variety of designs, patterns and styles, perfect for almost every interior.

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