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Daum Crystal

The techniques in which Daum create their pieces are rare and ancient, dating back to 5000BC. Long forgotten throughout history, the technique was rediscovered by the brand in 1900 and reimagined in 1968 to form the techniques still used today. Beginning with sketches, the artists carve the initial model in clay with every detail finalized to perfection. Hot wax is then poured into a hollow mold and once set is chiseled into a perfect replica of the clay model before being encased in plaster and placed in an oven.

The plaster mold is used to generate a negative mold in elastomer in a liquid state to capture every nuance of the piece. The mold can then be filled with groisil, consisting of fragments of crystal in different sizes and colors which when fired in the kiln melts to form the unique Daum pieces. The Plaster molds are then carefully broken around the pieces for the finishing to begin. Each piece is subjected to rigorous quality control inspections to ensure the quality of the materials and distribution of colors before each unique crystal item is signed with the Daum signature.

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